Cream Chargers

Perhaps recycling is as important as creative chargers ever get? Some might say that re-using something that could e considered as waste in a creative way is as creative as you may ever get. We’ve been given a HUGE number of cream chargers by (aka the Cheeky Monkey) after they started a campaign to get their customers to put the empty cream chargers to better use.


So what to do with all of them? On a simple level then they are not much – an 8gm cream charger is simply an empty gas canister. So the beauty of them comes in their quantity – if you have enough of anything it can be amazing to look at – just think of the Turbine Hall with all of those ceramic sunflowers

Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower seeds at the Tate – could we recreate that with cream chargers? Well to be perfectly honest the scale is more likely to like something on the scale of a garden shed with the empty canisters all over the floor – those lucky few that got to walk all over the sunflower seeds (due to health reasons this was banned after the first day!!!) said the underfoot feelings and the noise were the big draw and experience of the whole thing.

So the crunch of underfoot chargers might make for an in interesting experience and also an interesting counterpoint to the fact that they are designed for making whipped cream which is an altogether much less hard and crunchy material – in fact the juxtapose of making a whipped cream shed to house all of the empty 8gm cylinders is an interesting piece of conceptual are in itself – perhaps worth exploring?

Other idea that have been thrown in our direction include the idea of making something similar to a suit of armor from them – and we have seriously considered that – they could all be strung from the tiny holes in the top of each charger in a method that would make the swirl like a hula skirt or even a corked Australian hat.

We also considered the idea that they could somehow represent the global warming effect – they contain nitrous oxide (before they’re emptied into the cream dispenser) so some message along the lines of nitrous oxide against global warming might be considered. We thought of perhaps making some mini-zepplin out of then in the style of some of the little characters that I saw at the Brighton Art Fair


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